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Coney Island Brighton Beach Open Water Swimmers

CIBBOWS is a not-for-profit group that organizes open water swim events in Brooklyn. Prior to 2014, CIBBOWS' web presence was a mix of flat HTML pages, Wordpress sites, and external payment systems. Using the CakePHP framework, I built a new site that combined the five separate sites that users had formerly had to navigate. On this site users can track their swim histories; pay membership dues; make donations to the group; and register and pay for races, swim clinics and social events. A full CMS enables CIBBOWS staff to maintain all aspects of the site, including editing content, creating races and approving swimmer registrations.

Tools used for this project: CakePHP, Stripe, jQuery, Sass, Compass, Font Awesome is the internet's leading career intelligence site. I manage the front-end team at Vault, handling all HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. Recently, I led front-end development of a completely redesigned and rebuilt site which launched in May 2013.

Get Dirty NYC!

Website for a new not-for-profit aimed at connecting volunteers to New York City's gardens and farms. I built this site from scratch, including registration systems for both volunteers and gardens, and a volunteer function that enables volunteers to select projects they want to help with.

AIDS Service Center NYC

Website for the AIDS Service Center NYC. For this project I replaced a static site with a new dynamic PHP/MySQL-based site managed by an easy-to-use custom CMS. The project included a minor redesign of the site's appearance, and also the importation of more than 800 photos and over seven years' worth of news stories into the new CMS.

Heat NYC

Website promoting the annual fundraising dinner of the AIDS Service Center of New York. For this project I replaced a static site showing limited information with a new dynamic PHP/MySQL-based site that includes photographs and highlights from multiple events, all managed by an easy-to-use custom CMS.

Alpacas of Haven Hill

Website for an alpaca farm in upstate New York. I replaced a static, half-finished site with a dynamic PHP/MySQL-based site controlled by a custom CMS. User tools include photo tagging and creation of graphic menu buttons.

Lansner & Kubitschek

Website for a small NYC-based law firm, which replaced an outdated, static, HTML-based site. I designed and built the entire site using PHP/MySQL, and created a custom CMS to allow attorneys at the firm to update the site. This redesign resulted in a 50% increase in web-based client referrals in its first year.

My Projects

Shakespeare Role Assigner

A web app to divide up the roles in Shakespeare plays among a small group of readers. The app uses PHP to determine the best distribution of roles, and then allows the user to make changes to that assignment using jQuery.

E-Reader (Beta)

jQuery-based web app for reading ePub books within a browser.

Crossword Puzzle App (Beta)

A simple web app that allows the user to solve both regular and diagramless crossword puzzles. The app uses PHP to read .puz files (the standard crossword puzzle format) and jQuery on the front-end to allow the user to solve the puzzle.